11 December 2020

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Small to the eye but large in natural beauty, Meganisi seems to be a small green paradise that you will find not in a distant ocean but in the Ionian Sea.

For eclectic travelers looking for holidays with a cosmopolitan air, Meganisi is one of the very up-and-coming destinations worth discovering this summer.

With an area of ​​just 20 square kilometers, the Ionian island is located 4 miles southeast of Lefkada and is the largest of the small islands of the Princes’ Islands consisting of Madouri, Thilia, Kythros, Sparta, Scorpio and of course the famous Scorpio. the private island of Dmitry Rybolovlev.


Green, with incomparable natural beauty and with many small sandy beaches, Meganisi for a long time was a small fishing village that over time was transformed into a summer shelter for boats, famous and not. Combining tradition with the cosmopolitan aura, the island is an ideal destination for incognito and family vacations. Small picturesque villages that musk with tradition, hospitable inhabitants and natural attractions, are enough to make the visitor leave there convinced that he has found his own little paradise in the Ionian Islands.


The beaches of the island have crystal clear waters and rich vegetation that reaches the sea. Of course, most of them are not organized, which makes the landscape look almost virgin. Fanari and Ai-Giannis are the most popular, but the beaches of Spilia, Pasoumaki, Atherinos, Faros, Elia, Loutrolimni, Beretta, Ampelakia and Limonari are equally beautiful. Also, if you have a boat you can visit the islands of Kalamos and Kastos to swim on their lonely shores.

Asteria Villas & Boats Meganisi Sights
Asteria Villas & Boats Meganisi Sights
Asteria Villas & Boats Meganisi Sights
Asteria Villas & Boats Meganisi Sights
Asteria Villas & Boats Meganisi Sights
Asteria Villas & Boats Meganisi Sights

What to see

The three settlements of the island: the picturesque Katomeri which is the capital of the island, Spartochori with its labyrinthine alleys, the incredible view and the port of Spilia, and Vathi with the natural port where speedboats and sailboats dock.

• The cave of Papanikolis at the southwestern end, where the homonymous historical submarine of the Greek Navy found refuge during World War II. There you will find the best “hidden” secret beach. If you like the mystery that the caves hide, you can visit two more: the cave of Giovanni and the cave of the Demon in Kalopoulos bay.
• The cave of the Cyclops, above the Caves, which is one of the three candidates for the confirmation of the well-known Homeric myth.
• The small monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos next to the homonymous beach has been there since 1477.
• The old olive mills in Katomeri, and more specifically the Panoutsou olive mill, which today operates as a craft museum.
• The old windmills that enhance the romantic atmosphere of the island



Discover Meganisi

Meganisi Island


Meganisi is a small island located opposite to the port of Nydri in Lefkada, that has a relaxing pace of life.


Meganisi Gallery


Check out our Gallery with all the wonderful landscapes and attractions in Meganisi.

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